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Here at Karpstein & Verhulst P.C., we know that dealing with the law is a formidable thing. The knowledge that you have a competent and sympathetic guide in Tigard can make all the difference. When you are struggling to grasp the idea of Wills and Estates, trust our legal team to provide you the guidance and aid that you need.

Throughout the Wills and Estates process, Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. focuses on finding ways to effectively transfer their client's wealth in accordance with their wishes. We take pride in knowing that we have met our Tigard area client's end of life plans. Wealth is not the only thing that we at Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. focus on, however. 

Our firm uses Wills and Estates representation and other services to ensure that your heirs receive their inheritance without interference from creditors and other third parties. Throughout our many years, we have helped countless clients work out their needs, and now we are bringing this to the Tigard area. 

Each of the attorneys at Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. must complete continuing legal education on Wills and Estates topics of interest to the firm.  We believe in the value of education and know that staying up-to-date on emerging areas in the law is the only way to serve the Tigard region with distinction.  One of those areas of special interest to Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. is state probate and elder laws.  Our Wills and Estates attorneys know the most recent developments in OR probate law and incorporate these changes into your service.  Contact Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. using the information below to speak with someone today:


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