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Each Misdemeanor is different. At Karpstein & Verhulst P.C., we will take the time to look at your individual situation, including the circumstances of your arrest, the evidence against you, the availability of legal defenses, your prior criminal history and other factors. We will always fight for the best possible resolution to your case.

Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. represents defendants throughout Misdemeanor legal proceedings, from the moment a defendant is charged with a crime to appellate hearing in the Beaverton area. Our commitment to your rights in Misdemeanor cases is unwavering. 

From our offices located near the Beaverton area, we have represented clients in all sorts of Misdemeanor cases. Our many years of experience have allowed us to gain knowledge on what the best ways to prepare for these cases are. In the Beaverton area, our clients enjoy a highly motivated and professional firm that puts their needs first when building Misdemeanor defenses. Let us have your back in your Misdemeanor case.

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