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When you are in trouble with the law in Forest Grove, you need a quality Defense attorney who can  tip the scales of justice in your favor. If you or someone you know was arrested within the Forest Grove area, you are probably feeling upset and worried about your current Defense situation. The Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. understands how your feeling and we know the best way to help bring about a positive resolution to your case. Whether you are charged with assault, drugs, rape or DUI, the Defense representation at Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. will be there for you and your family.

No matter where you think your case may go, you need an experienced Defense defense attorney advising your decisions and guiding you through the process. Our goal at Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. is to provide you with as much information as possible to prevent you from suffering harsh penalties, such as jail time or excessive fines. Our skilled Defense representation will educate you on the law and how they relate to you and your case. You can find the quality legal representation you need at Karpstein & Verhulst P.C..

If you are facing charges for a crime in the Forest Grove area, you do not have to feel alone in your current situation. Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. is here to help you out of this crossroad in your life. We can help come up with a defense for your Defense case that will work to your advantage. Do not risk facing jail time in the Forest Grove area. The choice is clear; you need the help of an experienced attorney from Karpstein & Verhulst P.C.. We are here to help. 

If you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor, whether it be a drug possession or trafficking charge, a crime against a child or an aggravated assault, contact Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. for legal assistance. We in Forest Grove will work to provide you with the best defense possible, no matter how complex the circumstances are surrounding your case. We will carefully analyze every aspect of your case and call on our legal advisors if that is what is needed to get you the most favorable outcome. At every juncture in your case, we will use our many years of experience to provide you with usable and accurate advice, updated information and personal attention that many other firms promise, but cannot deliver. To learn more about possible defense options for your case or to set up a consultation, contact Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. today.


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