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We have been practicing Child Custody for many years. We provide our services to clients in the North Plains area, ensuring that they are receiving professional help in every way possible. In our time, we have learned to tailor our approach to the specific needs of each client in the North Plains area. 

Many Child Custody cases in the North Plains area require difficult hearings to ascertain a client's rights. At Karpstein & Verhulst P.C., we have handled Child Custody cases and know how to advocate at court hearings for your rights. Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. may encompass difficult legal concepts, but we still know how to treat people with everyday respect.

At Karpstein & Verhulst P.C., we work hard to break false images of the profession and lance  to parade an atmosphere of integrity and respect for our clients. We have built a strong record over our many years history practicing Child Custody law. Each mediation situation is unique and the number and length of  mediation sessions vary from case to case. At Karpstein & Verhulst P.C., we have a strong reputation within the North Plains legal community.

One of the major things that's made Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. successful is our ability to handle complex litigation questions. In terms of procedure and substance, our Child Custody attorneys can forcefully assert your rights even when the issues become difficult to understand. The way that Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. is able to do this is by being up to date on the laws affecting North Plains and the state. Contact Karpstein & Verhulst P.C. us to get started on your success. 

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